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teezer is an all-in-one entertainment discovery and recommendation mobile platform.

Powered by machine learning, users discover and enjoy exclusive "first-look" content from across the world of entertainment through time sensitive short format promo videos.

teezer aggregates all your favorite entertainment interests into one easy-to-use app. Engage with teezer videos and quickly see what's new, what's cool and what's around the corner. teezer is designed to be at the center of your daily entertainment lifestyle.

Awesome App Features

Created and designed to be at the center of your daily entertainment ritual. Experience exclusive entertainment where brands and fans connect to engage, share and enjoy.


Recommendation Engine

Our recommendation engine is powered by machine learning based on your personal profile and interests.

teezer provides you with customized entertainment promotions. Be the first to know about new releases, movies, events and more. We know what you'll like before you do!



teezer allows you to win high value prizes by incentivizing engagement, encouraging social sharing and connecting brands with fans through time sensitive promotions and special offers.


Social Urgency

teezer's time-sensitive and exclusive short-format promo videos create social urgency by encouraging you to be the first-to-know and share about your favorite movies, music, games and brands.


Influencer Virality

teezer drives social conversion and virality through our Viral engine and social amplification platform.

teezer makes you the ultimate entertainment influencer.

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Get Your Genre On



Be first to preview official new music videos, watch exclusive interviews and other behind-the-scenes content from the studio, on tour and live!



Exclusive first look access previews of new official movies trailers, interviews with cast and crew members, behind-the-scenes content and other cool stuff ...


Gaming, Sports + More

Preview new games before release. Follow eSports and traditional sports. Engage with your favorite team enjoying exclusive insights only on teezer.